GD&DO셲 expeditors have in-depth experienced engineering know-how. The process professionals are dispatched by products at the shop and done continuous control for preventing various problems and fabrication defects from quality control to the final shipping stage throughout the whole process. So their attentiveness can contribute to economic cost and meet the delivery plan.

Scope of Inspection

  • Review of documents for Procurement, Design, Manufacture and Quality Control
  • Check on vender print status and up date
  • Issue or Review of Production Schedule and Process Plan
  • Report current expediting status and cooperate with expediting coordinator
  • Material purchasing schedule and checking material arrival and quantity
  • Examine and Control of abnormality, Cause and Effect, Suitable Measures
  • Revision of design or drawing change or correction
  • Confirm optimal condition of Packaging, Shipping Plan, Procedure and Method
  • Managing Master Process Status by Daily / Weekly / Monthly

Inspection equipment

  • Petroleum and Gas Refinery Plant
  • Container Terminal (Crane etc.,) and Steel Structure
  • Energy Plant ( Nuclear Power, HRSG, Thermal Electric Power, Hydroelectric Power Plant and Wind Power)
  • Environmental Equipment ( Incinerator, Water Utility Facility, Waste Treatment System and Dust Collector)
  • Oil or Gas Transfer Equipment and Storage Tank
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Still Mill Plant ( Steel making, Wire work, Withdrawal Straightening Unit etc.,)