Reviewing design, drawings and other related quality control documents and process inspection service are our core business activity.
Quality survey, set up of quality system and assessment of vendors are also included,
The inspector adheres closely to the independence and fairness in writing report inspection process and the result of judgment.
So the owner of the project can acknowledge the practical and all of detailed facts in relation with quality.

Scope of Inspection

  • Issue or review of Inspection Plan, Inspection Procedure and the related Drawing, Codes and Specifications.
  • Witness of Non-Destructive Examination
  • Preside or attend the PIM ( Pre-Inspection Meeting )
  • Witness of Function Test, Operation Test and Leak / Pressure Test
  • Check and verify incoming / stored materials and review of Mill Sheet
  • Witness of Performance Test
  • Witness of Material Testing ( Tensile, Yield, Elongation, Hardness and Impact Test etc.,)
  • Witness of Coating or Painting
  • Check into test of Weldability and Qualification Of Welder
  • To witness of Packing Inspection
  • Inspect of Welding Condition including Welding Process, After Welding, Marking and Cutting, Assembly
  • Witness of Shipping Inspection
  • Visual and Dimensional Inspection, and Heat Treatment Inspection
  • Disposing and Following up of Non-Conformance Report
  • Inspection on Site Construction

Inspection equipment

  • Petroleum and Gas Refinery Plant
  • Container Terminal (Crane etc.,) and Steel Structure
  • Energy Plant ( Nuclear Power, HRSG, Thermal Electric Power, Hydroelectric Power Plant and Wind Power)
  • Environmental Equipment ( Incinerator, Water Utility Facility, Waste Treatment System
  • Oil or Gas Transfer Equipment and Storage Tank
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Still Mill Plant ( Steel Making, Wire Work, Withdrawal Straightening Unit etc.,