Coordination Services

Coordinator Services are performed by the experts of the inspector and the expeditor.
The experts of Stationary Equipment,, Rotational Equipment, Piping, Electricity and Instrument involve in various issues in the process of Design, Procurement, Production Delivery and commissioning.
Their continuous management for the problem solving, improvement of the issues enable to achieve quality and final delivery schedule.

Inspection technical support

  • Well acquainted with relevant Customer Requirement, Licensor Requirement, Project Specification, Code Requirement
  • Prepare and set up for inspection plan and control the implementation
  • Monitoring and Surveillance Vendor
  • Attending KOM(Kick off Meeting)
  • Carry out PIM (Pre inspection meeting)
  • Review of VP(Vendor Print) and approval the inspection & test plan and procedure
  • Develop Welding process, weldability test and Qualification of Welder
  • Prepare of Inspection schedule
  • Selection of Inspector, make notification and dispatch
  • Review and approval of inspection report submitted by inspector
  • Review vendor document including material certificate and test report
  • Check on inspection fabrication process and control important issues
  • Visit direct inspection, if necessary
  • Handling for issue of Inspection Release Certificate
  • Disposing of Non-Conformance Report
  • Coordinating work with Project Team, other related team and vendor
  • Controlling issues from vendor shop

Process control technical support

  • Being well acquainted with relevant customer requirement, licensor requirement, project specification, code requirements
  • Monitoring progress of Design, Technical Biding
  • Checking on PO Item and quantity of Bulk & Tag Item
  • Internal expediting for in-time issuing of PO & LOI
  • Vendor Surveillance and Monitoring
  • Monitoring Vendor Prints
  • Implement of KOM(Kick off Meeting)
  • Control of manufacturing process ( Check on Fabrication Schedule )
  • Review of submitted monthly progress report
  • Management of delivery schedule at site as per the site construction plan
  • Coordination work in conjunction with department staff for vendor fabrication drawing and inspection etc.,
  • Check on various inspection procedure and make it optimized inspection
  • Choosing Logistic Mode
  • Choosing packing type and checking on packing list
  • Confirmation of shipping schedule, freight and schedule for arriving at site
  • Coordinating work with in conjunction with project team, owner, vendor and department staff
  • Following up problems at site